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Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.
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by gregalfa

I just order the F10 disk so I am collecting the light parts for the new frame. I target at 5.5 to 5.7kg complete bike with pedal, Garmin 820. Current parts which I will use

1 Dura-ace Di2 9170
2 Schmolke TLO handlebar
3 Extralite stem
4 Extralite expander
5 Schmolke TLO45 clincher
6 Carbon disc rotor
7 THM Clavicula SE
8 Berk saddle
9 Assioma pedal
10 Carbonworks bottle cages

Parts I am searchig and need advice:
garmin mount. maybe from Werking
Any light axle?
Any tuning disc cable?
Carbon chainrings. Worth spending money?
Any other Parts?

Thank you. I am new to the disk bike. In Thailand, we rarely use disk bike.
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by alcatraz

Hydraulic braking system is quite heavy. Only the shifters are over 500gr. For comparison mechanical sram red is 280gr.

The frame is supposed to be very light with 820gr specified but I'm told thr number doesnt include anything like paint mounts and so on. So Pinarello is especially inaccurate with that number. Expect it to weigh around 1kg.

You are spending a lot of money on light parts but what about a power meter?


by Weenie

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by PinaF8

You might be over your head on this one if you think you can create an F10 that light.
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by gregalfa

Favero Assioma is my choice. Actually i got p2m NG with 3d+
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by joejack951

I'll start by saying that I built a 7.56 kg disc bike using a 1000 gram frame, 400 gram fork, and 400 gram rims. Campy Chorus mechanical, TRP HY/RD calipers, Shimano RT99 rotors, and pretty nice finishing kit including a Fizik Arione R1 and Ritchey Superlogic seatpost. You are trying to remove ~2kg from the weight of my bike which won't be all that easy.

To have any chance of getting sub-6kg, you'll need to start with far lighter rims than 400 gram clinchers. There are 250 gram tubular rims that could be built with Tune or Extralite hubs and 20F/24R CX Ray spokes to shave ~450 grams from my build. You could run SRAM Red mechanical and Juintech calipers with Ashima rotors (don't bother with the junk carbon rotors, I've never read a single good thing about them) and save another good chunk of weight. The rest of your build kit will save some more weight, too, but I'd need to see it all in a spreadsheet to know just how much.

For thru axles, I'd suggest Carbon Ti X-lock which are a little bit lighter than standard fare flush thru axles. I couldn't justify the price but this build doesn't seem to be as sensitive to price as mine.

Use the lightest cable housing you can find, consider an aluminum cassette, and stick with narrow tires and possibly you can get close to your target weight.

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by Kayrehn

To be honest I don't really understand why you would want to try make a PINARELLO DISK bike that light... It seems futile.

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by hannawald

Agree with others. Don't go to the edge of what's possible in terms of lightness. You have a very nice aero frame. It deserves light but stiff parts so you don't ruin the quality of the bike.. thing about stiffness and aero.

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by danielbahia

I'm on the same project but my plan is to be just near to the 6.8 gauge. It is nearly impossible build an F10 such light, without loose Dogma aero/overall advantages. I had na F8 Rim and Gan Disk, and switch both in a new F10 because that is the best overall equipment in the marker IMO.

Schmolke wheel and some Schmolke/MCFK parts will gives you a good result.

My plan is full Di2 9100 with some light wheelset (not convinced about shmolke due to rim brake track), and a light set os saddle/stem/bar. That's all...

Good luck!!

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by TonyM

My plan for my F10 disk to come is to have it built with DA 9170 (gruppo, bar/stem combo) and C60 DA clincher. Not that light but also not that too heavy for a disk road bike. More like a all-round disk bike with an aero advantage. And a clean look with only Pina and Dura Ace.

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by JayUK

I will be surprised if you get to that weight.

Maybe low 6kg...

My CF SLX with R9170 without pedals/etc was 6.45.

When you start adding the extras, the weight soon adds up.


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by deano87

Keen to see where you end up, but i doubt you can get a Disk F10 that light.
Ill keep watching
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by Noctiluxx

Can you remove the front wheel and fork and do wheelies? If yes, your weight target is feasible.
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by Boshk

good luck....your components are going to be $$$$$$$$
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by TobinHatesYou

I could get my Emonda SLR Disc to 6.4kg by sacrificing a lot of comfort and going with dangerously light components like rotors, chainrings, rims, etc. but I'm also fine with it being 6.9kg with slightly heavier components that I prefer. Under 6kg is a pipe dream for an F10 Disc.

by Weenie

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by Calnago

Wrong thread
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