Scapin etika rc vs Factor one-s

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by Trainor6513

Hi all im hoping for some help.

I had a high speed crash a few weeks ago on my beloved Scapin unfortunately the bike was a write off so I am on the market for a new one.

I have my heart set on a Factor one-s the only problem being the front end is 20mm lower on the headtube. While I have never had any problems at all with my current front end height of 215 do you think a drop on 20mm is to much in one go?

I am 26 years old and in decent shape and have not bad flexibility.

I believe I could just get used to the new position but would like some opinions on others thoughts.

Thanks on advance for any reccomendations and I will be sure to post new bike up when I get it!

by Weenie

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by Mr.Gib

Flexibility is only part of the equation. I can put my palms flat on the ground with my knees locked and yet I do not set up my bikes super aggressive. Another variable is relative body proportions. That can have an impact in the range of centimeters on the height of the bars. A better approach might be to ask yourself if you are comfortable putting out the power in a more aggressive position. Could you ride happily all day on the drops on the Scapin? Did you ever find yourself resting your forearms on the tops to get aero? Answers to questions like these might give you some insight.
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by itsacarr

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by Trainor6513

mr.gib thanks for the point of view. I can ride in the drops pretty comfortably but not sure in length of time as its never a go to position for me i tend to ride more with hands on levers but with 90 degree angle at elbows.

itsacarr the ivor was always about the kalibra is the replacement but cant race on discs. I have liked the factors for a long while and this has given me the opportunity to get my hands on one. the geo is near enough identical barring the 19mm headtube difference. I would be happy enough with integrated bar and stem as it looks cool AF.

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by MichaelB

Rode both the One-S and O2 when they were launched at the Tour Down Under the other year.

Both of them were very nice, and so they should be for the money.

If I had a choice (and the available money), I'd have the O2 in disc form.

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