Does headset dust cap suppose to rotate

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by asiantrick

Pic for illustration only (not my bike)


So I took the opportunity to give the headset bearings a wipe and re-grease. I put everything back the way it supposed to and tighten the top cap about 3nm (I'm always worried about over torquing)

Once I was done, I tried holding front brake and looking for play at all. Dropping the front to hear knocking knocking sounds heard.

But I noticed that I can use my finger and able to rotate the dust cap once everything is tighten. Is that normal? Should I tighten the headset more so the dust cap can't be rotated.

My set up is slammed and stem is on top of the dust cap (no spacer). I'm running FSA sealed bearing headset
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by Weenie

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by bikerjulio

torque is not the right way to set preload.

my method involves tightening until the front wheel "floppiness" slows but is still there. plus the other tests.

on none of my bikes can I rotate the top bearing cover.
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by wheelbuilder

Good question you don't hear about often. This is one of the secret tests I use at the shop to see if headset pre-load is optimal. If I can spin the dust cover or the spacers below the stem if any, it is slightly loose in my opinion. The rocking method is good and tried-and-true, but after this, the spin test makes it perfect.

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by kkibbler

Headset cover shouldn't spin (mine is an aero cover that mates with the spacers and bar/stem, but still).

Just by feel, 3nm seems too much, I'm surprised your front end doesn't bind up.

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by kode54

i once took mine apart and put the shim seal in the wrong order. once i corrected that, i couldn't spin my top cap.
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by Weenie

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by Orlok

The headset dust cap can rotate when the headset is loose or isn't tight enough. In my opinion you should tighten the headset more so the dust cap can't be rotated.
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