Flat brazeon tab, what to do (Simplon frame)

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by Alexandrumarian

Building a new bike, Simplon frame. The braze tab is concave towards the rear as it should, but front is flat. I suppose the concave bolt washer has to go, but I can't even take it off the bolt (Campagnolo). Not a problem as can get a bolt from an old brake but still, not making sense. Also, what are these two bits I found in the bag with frame/cable entry points.


Posts: 292
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by Alexandrumarian

An update: a flat washer would fix the derailleur in an obviously slanted position. I decided to give it a try with the regular bolt and washer. One edge rests on the flat next to the tube, the other rests on the 45 deg outside bevel. It naturally tends to clamp in the perfect position without the need of repeated tries and wiggles I had to do with my previous )) shaped tab. Went for a ride and it seems to stay well put (7Nm) So I'd guess this tab is actually well thought out.

I still haven't figured those two bits but probably electronic shifting related. For mechanical all the rest of the package fell in place.

by Weenie

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by bikerjulio

You have encountered one of my pet peeves. It's a really stupid irritating thing.

Campy supply their braze-on FD's with a short screw with a captive curved washer that is impossible to remove. But their own clamp has a flat front. So the screw only engages 1 thread.


I have always just given up and used another screw. Campy is eccentric sometimes, but to supply a FD that won't work with their own clamp seems to me to be the pinnacle of annoyingness.
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