Stages power meter and Cannondale

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by Thenuge

I've seen that stages is coming out with dual sided power meters and that's awesome but I think it's only for Ultegra and Dura Ace.

For the Cannondale version it says it's compatible with Hollowgram SI and Hollowgram SISL2 cranks. They ship the crank arm with the power meter attached right? So do they ship a Hollowgram SI crank arm or an SISL2? Wouldn't it be odd to have two different crank arms, or are you supposed to track down a matching drive side arm?

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by AZR3

Pretty sure they only do the Si crank arms now, it had something to do with the anodizing or the glue on the SiSL2. As far as mismatching crank arms its not an issue, they are the same shape just a little heavier

by Weenie

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by topflightpro

I think there are minor shape differences between the SI and SISL2 arms, but they are pretty insignificant. You have to look really closely at the two next to each other to notice. The weight will also be different, but again, I'm not sure you'd notice.

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by morrisond

I've got an SiSl2 with Si Stages Arm - you really can't tell the difference - and I think the combo may still be the lightest Power Meter/Crank combo.

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