Spacers and front end stifness...

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by 3Pio

Im wondering if there is any stifness difference between using multiply lower spacers under the stem, vs one higher?

For example, if there is need 10mm under the stem. Is there any stifness difference if i's used 2 x 5mm vs 1 x 10mm?

Or 15 mm under the stem. Any stifness difference between 3 x 5mm, vs 1 x 15mm?

Or no difference, so this can be only based on look, availability and practicality to have more spacers to be able for more detailed adjusting ...

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by sungod

barring crazily slack fit and an improbably bendy steerer, on a bike it's not going to be enough to matter in the slightest

by Weenie

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by hannawald

I am not a powerful rider but somehow I have a feeling my bike improved its acceleration when I slammed down my stem by 2cm...

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