Bianchi x Ferrari

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by Weenie

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by Noctiluxx

I like the saddle.
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by joe1234

The collaboration between Colnago and Ferrari finished...Since 1986 it lasts...It is the turn of Bianchi now... :(

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by TonyM

Looks more like a Ferrari bike made from Bianchi than a Bianchi bike made with the knowledge of Ferrari.

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by kgt

I agrree that the most interesting part is the saddle.


After 3 decades and a few amazing Colnago-Ferrari models I cannot see the the reason for a Ferrari painted specialissima.
Those were the good years...:


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by prendrefeu

They'll be purchased by mammils going through mid-life crisis and be ridden no more than 50km on any single day ever during their ownership, which will be loudly touted by their owners, repeatedly, as being an epic distance to cover within a single day.
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by 53x12

1. Ugly

2. $17,800 USD is a funny joke.
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by mag

When I saw it yesterday, I was like
But it is actually a bad joke itself, not even worth laughing at.

I guess they sort of had to come out with something at the Eurobike event and given the short timeframe they took Specialissima, did some half-assed paint job on it, put some expensive parts on it and yadaaa... Purely marketing driven move it seems.
They'd better not show anything specific yet and keep working on something serious instead...

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by smartyiak

WOW...that is easily the ugliest Bianchi I've ever seen. At least the top tube allows selling at Target...which is where that monstrosity belongs.

(Note: I believe that all Bianchi's should be that may have influence my thinking).

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by moyboy

Reminds me of other collaborations with BMW / Mercedes in which they sell branded bikes at their stores.

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by MRM

Ridiculous price.

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by bremerradkurier

It'll cost you $1000 to change your chain oil at the Ferrari dealership.

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by joe1234

[quote 53x12]
2. $17,800 USD is a funny joke.[/quote]

Yes it's true .......but it's the price of the scarcity....

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by jino

Not good. Too much expensive

by Weenie

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by 3Pio

IQ + Ego Test Device. If u buy it, u failed. And not even a custom geometry option, or less difference between sizes

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