Brake pads for Lightweight Meilenstein

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by nismosr

I use the OEM LW pads made by Swissstop for LW and fyi I email Swissstop about black prince since they cheaper than OEM LW their respond was

"Black Prince and Lightweight compounds are NOT the same".
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by Weenie

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by joe1234

My question is only for the Campagnolo red brake pads not Black Prince...

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by dgasmd

Source for them in the US???

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by Vuong05

I also would like some alternatives to the stock LW pads for my GEN 3 wheels. Has anyone used Zipp cork pads or the Campagnolo red brake pads with the GEN 3 wheels before? I find the LW pads too grabby for my liking.

P.S. Do you guys clean your brake track at all? If yes, what do you use to clean it with? Does it help in any way to reduce the grabbiness?
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by mike001100

Just for feedback, I got the OEM Lightweight pads, and they are much gentler towards the rims than the SwissStop Black Prince...

SwissStop Black Prince have so far been the worst pads in terms of "wheel care" I have ever tried.

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by dgasmd

US source???????

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by glepore

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