Brake pads for Lightweight Meilenstein

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by mike001100


need a little bit of help here... got some Meilensteins a while back and ran them for about 200 km with some Swiss Stop Black Princes - given the short nature of riding them, I can already see "fade" on the brake track.

Checking some Syncros RR1.0s that I have (Reynolds rims) that I ran with the Swiss Stops for like 3 000 km, the brake surface is completely polished and it looks like several layers of carbon have disappeared.

This leads me to think that the Swissstops are eating through my wheels?

I am looking at pads to use with the Lightweights that won't eat through the wheels... thinking about ZIPP Platinum, Reynolds Cryo? Of course, there are the OEM Lightweight pads, FlashPro and RacePRo, but they are made by Swissstop, so I am a little concerned it would just be more of the same...

Wheel "friendliness" is first place, then dry stopping power... not really concerned about wet stopping power, I try not to ride my climber's bike too much in the rain...


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by mike001100

Just realized this is better off in the wheels section... can mods please move? Sorry for the inconvenience.

by Weenie

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by NiFTY

Unless you letting a lot of grit get onto the pads ot ride the vrakes every descent then you shouldn't see brake track wesr that early. I have meilenstein and i use campy carbon pads for better btaking petformance.
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by Calnago

I just did some work on a guys bike, with Obermayers. Put some new OEM Lightweight pads on. That's what I'd use. The braking seemed very good on the test ride I went on with them. I use Campy red pads on my Boras, but given how good the Lightweight OEM pads were on the Lightweights, I wouldn't go switching them out. If the recommended pads work well, then use 'em.
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by TonyM

I would stick with the OEM! Especially with Lightweight. That's how I use my LW Meilenstein and the braking is good.
I think I read somewhere that they are made from Swiss Stop exclusively for Lightweight

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by sedluk

I have been using cork pads for years, mostly Zipp cork but have not found a big difference with other cork pads. The wheels show no wear and you might be surprised at how long the pads last.

I use them because I prefer the braking modulation but they are great for wheel wear as well.

Reduced braking in the rain but I am not usually riding in the rain and if it rains, I am not pushing the pace.

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by Nejmann

I just used the OEM breakpads in the alps on my Meilenstein Clinchers. No problem at all.

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by LePouletTrapu

I had a similar problem on a set of gen 3 lightweights with the none lightweight Swisstops eating the rims, and the feedback from lightweight who were very helpful was that I should have been using the lightweight pads. I switched to the none lightweight pads when I read somewhere that they were just the normal Swisstop carbon pads in a different colour but evidently this was not the case. It is worth mentioning I never had the problem on my gen 2 wheels using normal Swisstop pads so they may have changed something in the rims which made it more important to use the correct pads.

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by sungod

i only ever used the lw pads on my obermayers, braking is very good, it's ok even in the wet, the pads are quite 'sticky'

they wear fairly quick, but i'd rather replace pads than wheels

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by kgt

Only LW pads with LWs. I have used Corima for a few times in the past, which are fine pads in the wet and don't eat rims, but LW Swisstops were just perfect.

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by keith

I've had both LW Meilensteins and the Gipfelsturm. The Meilensteins were 10-speed only, so I sold those and am yet to replace them. The Gipfelsturm are great for climbing and are unaffected by side-winds too.

I did originally use the LW pads that came with them, but found braking very 'grabby'. So I tried the Zipp Cork pads and they were great, no grabbiness, but slightly less braking power, which I thought was a lot safer for me.

Came across the Cole Pink brake pads for carbon rims and I'm currently riding with these and they seem to be very good. Modulate well, with good stopping power too. Using the newest DA 9100 callipers, very powerful! Braking surfaces on the Gipfelsturm seem unaffected so far.

I have 2 sets of the LW brake pads, one used and one unopened. Might switch back to compare one day !
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by joe1234

Corima 100% cork ( old generation).

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by Geoff

+1 for cork pads.

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by joe1234

My question is not for the Lightweight Meilenstein but for the Lightweight GEN III (tubular).

Can I use a Campagnolo red carbon brake pads on my Lightweight rim? Merci beaucoup!

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by glepore

I've not seen any wear with Black Prince in the latest formulation, and the braking is excellent.
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by Weenie

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