Inline barrel adjuster needed?

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by addictR1

In the past I never installed a IBA for my FD. Even on my Addict I never needed one.

But recently on my TMR02, after a couple hundred miles, I noticed I can change to big ring, but when I drop it to small chainring front, it won't go.

Then I would have to shift to lower cassette where the chain alignment rubs against the FD cage slightly to push it down.

I'm using QXL and old Sram Red 10sp groupset.


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by Weenie

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by ross

Low adjuster screw on front mech needs adjusting or the front mech is not aligned properly in my honest opinion

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by Gavf

On 11sp I find them essential to get the correct tension with a DA mech, didn't ever need them with 10sp or Sram 22 for that matter.

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by srshaw

I don't usually bother, although it can be fiddly to set up. If it's not dropping to the small ring then perhaps that's just the limit screw that needs tweaking, although of course it could be the cable is too tight.

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by addictR1

Thanks guys! Let me look into that tonight!

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by Asteroid

Sometimes the cable gets gummed up where it routes beneath the bottom bracket.
Sports drinks or gooey rider phlegm. I try to run a short section the tightest plastic cable sheathing available.
Same for the rear cable passing thru there.

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by sugarkane

nope they are a hassle that look terrible and lead to shorter cable life

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by bilwit

Sounds like the cable tension needs to be loosened slightly, easier to do that than without a barrel adjuster than to go the other way sometimes.

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by spookyload

You could also simply have the FD on crooked if the cable tension and set screws seem OK. It could also be too high above the big chairing and screwing up the shifting.

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by addictR1

Thanks to everyone's suggestion... followed it and adjusted it and now all good without IBA.

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by Weenie

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