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by antonioiglesius

I've always been expecting a decent bike fitter to be able to get pretty close to an optimal fit. I was not expecting to hear that there is no such thing as an optimal fit. To me, this is the equivalent of saying, "Just give us your money". To be honest, I find this deeply disturbing and disappointing. If I'm doing trial-and-error with bike saddles, I can return it (if it's a test saddle), or resell it to recoup my costs. When a bike fitter experiments with my fit and it doesn't work out, do I get a refund? No.

For a professional, such as an engineer, her skills and experience increase with time on the job. She knows better solutions to problems, and learns to use more tools to make things more efficient. After 10 years, even with tools, bike fitters go no where beyond "I'm experimenting with your fit" and "I have no idea what your optimal fit is". I'm sorry to say this but to me, that's catastrophically abysmal. It just reinforces my thinking all this time that many bike fitters have very little idea about what they are doing.

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