Seat strap/saddle bag options

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by DCcyclist

I use this and quite happy with it. It's very tight and snug under the saddle. It's also reasonably priced. ... gie/116593

I fit a spare tube, 2 tire levers, 2 CO2 canisters, a C02 inflator, a small multi-tool. I also carry a second spare tube in my back pocket for extra insurance.

by Weenie

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by mfuchs1

I have this and it works well.

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by Atmos312

I use a Lezyne Road Caddy and I like it.

Looks good on the bike (as good as a saddle bag can) and just enough room for a multi-tool, tube, co2+inflator, small patch kit.

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by ntkt

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by bilwit

mfuchs1 wrote:I have this and it works well.

lol, aero saddle bags.. but at 13.6g this might be a winner :beerchug:

Bigger Gear
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by Bigger Gear

I use the Lezyne Road Caddy. ... aWbI_nytaQ

I can fit in a spare tube, tire lever, Park IB-12 mini-tool, and glueless patch kit with ease. I carry a small Lezyne mini-pump in my jersey. If I was using CO2, I could probably squeeze a small inflator plus one 16g cartridge in there but it would be getting tight.

For longer rides and/or bad weather I use an Arundel Dual so I can easily fit 2 tubes plus lever, patch kit, mini-tool. It is less aesthetically pleasing and the Arundel bags could certainly stand to have better Velcro. When my current Arundel fails I will likely resort to just using the Lezyne and packing an extra tube in my jersey for epics/winter.

I like these solutions because they do not use a seatpost strap. Bags that velcro around the seatpost are short eaters.

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by possibleweenie

morganb wrote:What are some under seat storage options that are aesthetically pleasing, or at least not god awful ugly, and secure? I was running a Speed Sleev and finally lost it after many near losses. I only need to carry up to a cross tube, a multitool that includes a chaintool, and a tire lever.

Although tight, this is the one I have been eye-ing for a while. Straight from NZ, solid and blends really well in aesthetics.

Only con is that space is really premium, but I'd take that over the testy-like saddle bags you see often on the road.

You would have to take your second spare tube in your jersey pocket and maybe another CO2 tin as well, but that, to me, is a small price to pay for having this much sleek-ness integrated.

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by sanrensho

Any comments on the Scicon Elan 210 vs Scicon Elan 210 Carbonium? The main difference seems to be the zipper orientation and the regular version is slightly lighter (!) and cheaper.

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by rlanger

PrimO wrote:I use this >

It'll hold 1 x inner tube, 2x 16g CO cartridge and a valve attachment and 2x tyre levers and 2 allen keys and a packet of lifeline self stick patches. The Velcro holds it very tight. I've had it for 4 years now and it has never fallen off or become loose and looks much better than some of the monstrosities that some people hang off their saddles.

+1 on this bag. Barely noticeable, secure, fits everything I need and is relatively inexpensive.

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by Nefarious86

I use one of these when needed just for the wank factor haha Image
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by ms6073

I made my own using a Neoprene camera pouch and an velcro strap (Amazon: OP/TECH USA 6401264 Soft Pouch Photo/Electronics) which holds one tube, CO2 & inflator, and a single tire lever inside a zip loc baggy:
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by TonyM

Just ordered an Aeroclam from cyckit.

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