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by PinaF8

RyanH wrote:The stack and reach of the 45s and 48s is very similar. I'd look at the 48s as it should look better. Even a 48s with it's more aggressive sloping TT doesn't look as good as a 50 or 52. But, with the same saddle height as yours, I'd definitely purchase a 48s. The difference in stack and reach should be insignificant so you're choosing between aesthetics, seatpost length and STA.

Thanks for the input. Yes comparing geometry numbers then 48s would be my option. I could probably get away with a 50s but the lack of exposed seat tube will not be appealing to the eyes and will overstretch my position comfort.
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by nismosr

PinaF8 wrote:
nismosr wrote:
PinaF8 wrote:I will soon be purchasing a real bred Italian bike the Colnago C60 45s. I'm not a tall guy but I think the sloping frame is good too compared to the traditional style. I'm still undecided to what groups set to go for either the Etap, DA or go for Campagnolo. This will be a slow build and will most likely collect a lot of dust along the way. Perfection is my goal.

I have a friend who rides a 45s C60 and 42s Concept .. C60 with DA Di2 and Concept with Etap.

You sir have a very nice C60. Do you have any rattles from the wire of your electronic group set?

Thank you, I do once in a while, I only hear it on rough road, Other than that it don't bother me ..
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by Weenie

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by Boshk

PinaF8 wrote:
Boshk wrote:
PinaF8 wrote:
PinaRene wrote:
Campagnolo Record or Super Record mechanical :smartass:

Not a big fan of Campagnolo group set tbh.

Well, you eliminated 1 of the 3

DA 9150 Di2 or eTap then.

Maybe get them to stick each crank in bb and let you see which you like the most.

I noticed you are purchasing or awaiting for a C60.

yea, had the cash in pocket to get a 48S but they sold it, plg6 colour

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by BikeKingV1r

I'm the same size and can ride both sizes. I went with the 45s due to head tube size, I wanted to be lower. Really depends on how low you want to go or how high you need to be.

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