SRAM Red RD repair

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by thePrince

My RD took a hit in a recent crash during a race, and now the parallelogram won't clear the mount area. The area just above the lower limit screw makes contact, and if I push hard enough, I can get it to clear, but there is significant rubbing.

I would like to try to fix it before I retire it to spare parts, it's new this season. Any ideas?

Not sure if these pictures are actually helpful:



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by sungod

logically something has been bent, if not the alloy part of parallelogram itself, perhaps the pivot pin that connects this to the main body

you could try bending it back, but probably not easy to get purchase or to get the force in the right area

you try the pin, trouble is it's a blind pin, drilling it out would leave you with no pin, maybe you could drill a small hole on axis through the rd body from the blind end and then use a punch to push out the pin

by Weenie

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