Would you buy second hand Campagnolo SR EPS

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by Boshk

2nd hand C60 with SR EPS.

Anyone have experience buying second hand electronic shifting and what to look for?

Besides the obvious, it can shift smoothly in all gears.....I might be able to test ride it for 'under load shifting'.
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by graeme_f_k

Boshk wrote:2nd hand C60 with SR EPS.

Anyone have experience buying second hand electronic shifting and what to look for?

Besides the obvious, it can shift smoothly in all gears.....I might be able to test ride it for 'under load shifting'.

If it's RE / SR v1 (external PU) I'd perhaps be cautious of the PU if it doesn't have S2D engraved / lasered on the end of the unit - relatively early ones were absolutely fine and those with S2D on were likewise fine but there was a short bad patch of production between that were a bit hit and miss - impossible for a consumer to tell from the outside which were the OK and which were the maybe not OK v1 PUs. We can only tell from the serial numbers, by checking with the factory.

By-the-bye, all the Athena v1 PUs were fine in this respect - they were not labelled as such but were all S2D-type.

If you can, try a charge ... you want to see a charge cycle of around 4 hours from flashing red LED on battery check (almost flat) - if you have, say, a flashing green LED on battery check, you need to see what the charge time to charge-LED-out on the charger (full) is ... should be 90 - 120 min. If it's significantly less & if the charger gets more than mildly warm during that charge, it may indicate an under-volted battery (improper storage / charging routine) which is not recoverable.

You might need to come to an arrangement with the seller to test this - but if (s)he has nothing to hide, they won't object.

The derailleurs themselves are pretty robust as are the levers and the Interface unit. Just look for obvious signs of the RD having been dropped and look for any evidence of a small "bite mark" on the back of the RD at the point that would impact the gear hanger if the RD were to be rotated hard clockwise around the top pivot bolt. If that has happened by whatever cause, it can indicate that the TPB housing has been stressed in a way that may lead to failure.

Check that the bonded-on insert on the inside outer cage plate of the FD is there and intact. If the original owner has been one to aggressively downsihift under full gas or has used a master-link or non-Campag chain, this insert can be damaged and the cage will need replacing to get a satisfactory FD shift back. That's a Service Centre-only job as a specially designed arbour press is needed to do the job without the risk of damage to the derailleur linkages.
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by corky

As always G..... great information .....thanks

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by Butcher

I would agree with Graeme's findings. I have had no issues with mine except for the v1 PU [which lasted but a couple days]. I've never had an issue with any other component. I did update to the v2 PU and eventually the v2 interface.

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by Boshk

Thanks a lot, good stuff to know.

I'll see what the shop says about it.
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by colnagoc59

Not to take over topic but I have a EPS PU V1 whole groupset bought new when it first came out that is sitting in my closet. Have a question for graeme_f_k, if I provided you serial number of PU would you be able to tell if it is one of the problem units. It has been replaced before and does not seem to have SD2 engraved on it anywhere. It is out of warrant. I constantly get front derailleur malfunction on bike. I replaced front derailleur 2 same issue after about a week. You can hear front derailleur click but it does not move so I assumed the derailleur was problem. I was told by Campy North America they would only warranty units purchased from US dealers because it voids warranty in US needs to be sent to UK. Not sure if this is correct. I purchased from US online authorized retailer but I found out later they source their Campy from UK distributor. NA Campy did not want to deal with it. Front derailleur was replaced through retailer when one month of 3 year warranty remained. That derailleur did the same thing after about 2 months. Warranty ended Campy would not warranty it out as good will. Bought another front derailleur myself same issue after about a week. At this point I'm thinking PU or interface but have given up buying parts to find found what will fix issue. I eventually replaced with SR mechanical as well as whole bike frame because it was electronic only. I would like to fix issue so I can sell whole groupies. graeme_f_k any suggestions?


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by spookyload

I wouldn't pay much for a V1 used bike. V3 is the cats meow, and pretty much all different parts. Swapping over is pricey. As for shifting in each of the gears...if the bike is set to zero correctly, if it shifts one gear it will hit them all. If no physical damage is noticeable to the parts, it is probably safe. Remember there isn't cable pull so each click simply moves it a preset amount.

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by Boshk

Thanks. I took a look at it. Basically the pulled the Sr groupset from another bike and installed it on a second hand colnago c60.
The shifters looks like it's been crashed or the guy turned the bike upside down and dragged it across the pavement.
Couldn't really tell on the cranks or derailleurs.

Wasn't V1, no big black box on tube.

Brilliant deal if everything works, around 3000US for C60 and EPS SR.
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by Miller

I did buy some used Record EPS off this forum and it is fine. The derailleurs are very robust, so are the cables, and the ergos are just switches, really. The remaining worry would be the battery, they don't like being left in a discharged state.

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