Bike geometry - judging comfort without sitting on it

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by mike001100

Yes, yes, I know!

But I would like to know saddle setback, or maybe better said "seatpost setback", specifically at seatpost height 70.6 cm from the BB, based on looking at a geometry diagram, like this: ... geo-65.jpg

How do I do that? I believe that measurement would save me a lot of running around...

by Weenie

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by TobinHatesYou

It doesn't effin' matter, dude. Since your setback is so short, just get a zero-setback post and you should be able to achieve -38cm with any road bike in your size range.

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by AJS914

These kinds of threads would work a lot better if the OP posted some pictures of him on his bike.

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by kulivontot


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by morganb

I have almost identical proportions (33mm setback at 5'9" 717mm saddle height with 155mm cranks) and experience the same thing where I feel cramped on short reach, high stack bikes. I ride a 52 Tarmac (pretty much same geo as Super Six) with a 110mm -12 stem (only the 8mm bearing cover as a spacer) and feel super comfortable on it, but riding my Crux 375mm reach, 554mm stack, 100mm -6 stem hurts my back and I feel generally uncomfortable on, but prefer the handling with the shorter set up for riding in the woods/cross racing.

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