Chain length for running both 12-25 and 12-29 Campy

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by Alexandrumarian

I currently use 50/34 12/29, 415mm stay, 54 links. Elaborate formula gives 53.6, simplified 53.4. Chain is slightly slack as per Campy recommendations - it is close to the cage (about 5mm) vs their 10-15mm but I do not have problems with it slapping and I never use that gear anyway. Large ring- large cog is nicely slack and I do use it when climbing bridges.

I would like to get a 12-25 for my flat rides, the jumps in the 12-29 are often irritating and my mountain trips are rare and planned in advance.

I could remove one link, or stay with 54. I am inclined to stay with 54. Any suggestions?

I might have a logic failure, but as long as a chain is properly set up with a wide range cassette, i see no reason to shorten it for narrow cassettes, even if they would be only made entirely from 12 teeth cogs. Only "real" problem would be some useless weight. What am I missing?


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by TobinHatesYou

You answered the question yourself. As long as the cage does not bend so much in small-small that the chain touches the upper jockey wheel, it's fine. Unless you are running into shifting problems in the small ring and the smallest cogs due to lack of tension, just keep running 54 full links.

by Weenie

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