Shimano vs. Sram cassette shift quality

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by vinuneuro

Given that most of my current riding is with minimal elevation change I find the 11-28 ratios that Sram does more appealing than Shimano's. Is there any difference in shift quality between Sram and Shimano cassette's? I would be using Ultegra level.

The rest of my drivetrain is 6800 with current gen FSA SL-K Light crankset so I assume KMC would be the best option for chain? I am currently using the Shimano chain.
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by Weenie

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by alcatraz

Yes there is, but is it worth limiting yourself to only ultegra? Thats the question...

If you set your standard very high you might find yourself changing cables and derailleurs, chains and cassettes very often.

Personally it's not worth it to stay within the same group but I can understand someone that wants it.


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by stockae92

I have SRAM Force 22 and Shimano 105 cassette, and their shift quality difference is very minimal, not to a point that would affect my ride, nor distract me from my riding. I think keeping the drivetrain clean would make much bigger difference.

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by glepore

Sram og and xg 12-27's and 11-28's on multiple di2 bikes. Shifts perfectly. Cassettes are noisy but nature of the beast.

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by GonaSovereign

They both work well. Shimano is better from a shifting and noise perspective. If you aren't hyper sensitive, just pick the one that offers your preferred ratios.

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by beanbiken

I have a different perspective. I was runing DA 9070 with the Red cassette and shifting was very much on par with the DA cassette as in excellent. Changed to DA 9150 and it would not shift anywhere near as well for me. Solution after doing my damn head in a DA 9000 cassette with my 9150 and the red cassette on my Campy bike. just my experience.


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by pdlpsher1

The OP is correct that the Sram gear ratios are more appealing than the Shimano on the 11x28. The Shimano lacks the 16th cog. Between Dura Ace and Sram XDome I find the XDome to be quieter. The elastomer rings on the XDome work very well. Shift quality is identical.

I can't figure out why some is having trouble running 9150 and Sram XDome.

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by 2lo8

All things being equal, I would choose Shimano over SRAM. 11-28 not being equal, I would choose SRAM over Shimano.
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by beanbiken

pdlpsher1 wrote:I can't figure out why some is having trouble running 9150 and Sram XDome.

Neither can I............ :( :?

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by Rick

I have run a pretty wide mix of components over the years, and IMO a Shimano cassette shifts faster, smoother, and runs quieter even on an otherwise all SRAM system.

Having said that, the SRAM cassettes work well enough that I never worry about it or barely even notice the difference. I will always try to by Shimano Ultegra or DA, but if there is a sale or I need a specific ratio, a SRAM is just fine.

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by Asteroid

Another endorser of either DA or Ultegra 11sp over Red.
Shifts better and is quieter, especially on the largest few cogs.
Both brands creak a bit. Anybody with a solution for the Red unit?
The Red cassette is lighter, so there's that.

Add: forgot to say that both my 11sp bikes run DA, with one using the Red cranks and cassette.

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by hmai18

+1 for the 16T in the SRAM 11-28.
Have been running a Force-level cassette on an otherwise 6800 drivetrain with no complaints.

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by eaglejackson

I have two nearly identical bikes, one with Ultegra Di2 and the other with DA Di2. I have both Ultegra and DA 11-28 cassettes and they shift great and run quietly. I bought a Red 11-28 cassette to give it a try and see if I liked the gearing better. The consensus on this forum is that people do prefer the SRAM 11-28 gearing over Shimano's. But it didn't shift as well and it was noisier, so I put the Shimano cassette back on. I didn't take the time to debug -- did I have the lockring tightened enough? Did the derailleur adjustment need tweaking for that cassette? Or perhaps it's just not as smooth and quiet? I didn't get that far; I just switched back, and have the SRAM Red cassette sitting in my parts bin.

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by TobinHatesYou

I like how the Red cassettes don't chew up my freehub bodies at all. I don't care about the noise when shifting, and it's pretty quiet in the middle cogs.

by Weenie

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