GNew Hammerhead Karoo... Thoughts?

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by matrix

Thinking about putting in a pre-order despite it getting pushed back to the end of October '17. I'm currently running a Garmin 800 that I might sell off before then. What are your guys thoughts on the brand new product?

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by Kaboom

There's a thread discussing it somewhere in this forum...

I loved the idea at first, but then I saw the projected price (500USD) and the weight (more than half a pound) and fell out of love pretty damn quick...

by Weenie

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by kulivontot

220g is pretty chunky. Even wahoo elemnt is half that

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by FIJIGabe

I would wait until the product is established (working out most of the bugs, production issues, etc) before committing to a new company with a complicated product like that. At least wait until DCRainmaker has an actual review, other than the limited hands-on review he has on his site right now.

BTW, the weight is 168g, not 220g (at least per DCR).
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by kulivontot

It has a 3g module? I can't see how this sells for less than $400

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by JackRussellRacing

I could even forgive the weight and the price --- but the physical footprint looks enormous. I felt like my Garmin 1000 was large, and the Hammerhead appears nearly 30% wider.

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by bilwit

The Elemnt Bolt is $250 @ 80g including the native mount and I never use its navigation. This thing is pushing 200g including the mount all for what, fancy navigation and less battery life? Maybe if I went on cross country bike tours or something.. otherwise seems pretty pointless to me.

by Weenie

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by Frankie - B


Please discuss things further over there.

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