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by Monkeyfudger

You know when you've got a few™ spare parts and you start thinking you could almost build a bike?

I'm there.

I'm thinking about building up a 1x11 crit bike using various bits including some single speed brake levers but using the new SW-R9150 Climbing shifters under the bar tape, apparently these can be run straight into a junction box so would act as sprint shifters but without the requirement for normal Di2 shifters?

My warped thinking is that I'd be using up all the random bits I've got my lying around and also building a fairly crash proof bike with the added bonus of Di2!

Anyone had hands on with these shifters yet and can confirm this and how well they'd function?


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by sussexhills

I like the sound of this, which frame are you using?

by Weenie

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by Rudi

I don't have experience with the new climbing shifters, but it did work with the old.

Assuming you are correct about plugging them directly into a junction box, the only thing you might have an issue with might be the placement of the buttons:

Assuming you want one of these on each side, and the junction box in the middle (on the stem) - are the cables long enough to get the buttons in the correct/preferred place? Pictures I have seen make me think they might not reach the hoods.

I know with the old climbing shifter mounted on the right hand side I had to have the junction taped to the bar (see signature for pictures).

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