campagnolo or shimano groupset....

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by bremerradkurier

Miller wrote:Well, on that last point... the Shimano freehub design comes from long ago when freehub carriers were made of steel (like, duh). This was a time before the marketing push for ever lighter weight. That freehub is fine if fabricated in steel, not so great if fabbed in alloy. I recall some iteration of D-A moving to a deeper spline pattern but Shimano had to back off on that because people whined about incompatibility issues.

Campag either by luck or judgement made an early design decision for deeper splines that have more material to resist sprocket gouging.

IIRC, Campy was later mounting larger cogs onto carriers that spread the load than Shimano-might explain why they went to deeper splines around the start of their 9 and 10 speed groups.

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by Boshk

vejnemojnen wrote:
Boshk wrote:stupid question....I got a XR3 with the new ultegra set, changed the Racing 7 to Zonda wheels.
The bike is still new, pedals aren't even installed and I'm having second thought about changing it to Chorus set.

The LBS I got the bike from is unwilling to change the Zonda shimano hub wheels for the Zonda Camp hub wheels even if I buy the whole Chorus set from them, he said, just change the hub.

Is there any difference between them besides the hub? straight forward swap for around US70?

No point in swapping

chorus will just shift as well with 11s ultegra cassette-chain as with 11s campag.

stick with shimano freehub body.

Will have greater access to cassette ranges, and will be easier to resell the wheels later.

I thought there was still a very marginal difference between the cassettes...........would an ultegra r8000 11-30 cassette work on campy Chorus derailleur?
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by Weenie

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by AJS914

You'd need the new medium cage Chorus rear derailleur. Personally, I'd change the freehub and use a Campy cassette.

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by Daniel1975

AJS914 wrote:You'd need the new medium cage Chorus rear derailleur. Personally, I'd change the freehub and use a Campy cassette.

Short cage Campy is designed for 29. A 30 will be no problem! No need to buy a mid-cage campy.

Compatibility between 11s Shimano and Campa is very good. When going to the hills with the Thule CX1 behind my bike, I use a Shimano 11-32 with a short-cage SR and a Roadlink. Shifts normal. If there's any delay in shifting, than it's because of the Roadlink: the hanger needs to be aligned perfect.

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