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by Tricky76

Hi friends. Let me try to be as brief as possible. Bought my Pinarello F8 from a now closed bike shop back in 2015. DIdn't have funds to complete the build - so when shop closed, I took frame. I then bought the THM Clavicula Crank and Dura Ace 9100 di2 - along with just now acquiring the new Pro Vibe Aero bar and stem - the one where the junction box goes inside the bar end.

Have all my parts and pieces at alternative bike shop - mechanic is well known and respected - however, he is flumoxed by the Pro Vibe Aero cockpit - he does not see a way to internalize ALL the di2 wiring...I bought the EW-RS910 and the Y junction cable, PLUS the EW-WU111 fpr bluetooth - which he says should be mounted externally...regardless...

I am begging for some insight into how I can have the cleanest cockpit possible - I thought the Pro Vide Aero bar and stem were built for exactly that - to have everything internal - without the need to drill the steer tube or frame.

Thank you all in advance...

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by itsacarr

In regards to the WU111 - Many people have installed this internally and have it work properly although the "recommended" is external for signal strength. A good spot for it generally is in the down tube in use as a junction between your "front end" and the rest if internal, otherwise just outside the downtube in route to the front end.

Unfortunately it's a bit misleading unless you read it thoroughly. Based on photos alone you could be forgiven for thinking all routes internally. The "di2 stem" for that cockpit is like the mtb version: the Tharsis. The stem is really if you plan on putting a battery inside your steerer tube (like di2 mtb).

You could also use it for having the di2 exiting a different spot outside of the usual beneath the handlebar but beneath the handlebar with shrink wrap is as clean as you will get.

These two photos might help as they are basically you're options. Personally I still think it looks best shrink wrapped coming from brake exit.

(notice shrink wrap .... exiting port on bottom side of bar) ... vorbau.jpg

(using stem clamp exit) ... bar_14.jpg

by Weenie

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