Bora one VS Cosmic pro carbon sl C

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by Peme

I ride fuji sl 1.3 and i have origin carbon wheels. but with these wheels threaten my life on the down hill.
braking is bad.
So i wander Campy Bora one or Mavic Cosmic pro carbon sl c, which one has more powerful braking?
and what is the best choice two of these?
i want listen you guys thinking.

by Weenie

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Between the two... definetely bora (one or ultra) with red pads. I have both 2014 and 2016 bora, brake is never an issue... in fact I prefer it (or so used to it) that I don't think I can ride alu rim brake anymore.

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by mariovalentim

Can't comment on the Bora but I do have the new Mavic Cosmic pro carbon sl c and it is amazing, braking is perfect even with rain and I'm no lightweight. The only bad thing I can say about it is that this thing eats brake pads for breakfast, it's insane! Also, it makes A LOT of noise when free wheeling, it's loud AF. Some people like of really really loud noises but it annoys me :/

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by hlvd

I've the Pro Carbon SLC and they make an awesome noise when freewheeling and braking, very stuff as well.

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by SLCBrandon

I've owned both and would agree with others above. Both great braking but I kept my Bora's and sold the Cosmics. While braking was really good it came at the insane expense of pads. Bora's brake as good but with Campy red pads I can go more than double the life of the Cosmics with equal braking.

Bora's just feel more "special" too, imo.

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by RyanH

Boras are good but the Ksyriums are amazingly good. Boras overall are a better wheel though. Freehub is stupid loud and they have more lateral flex than the Boras. They are a touch more comfortable though.

This is all with respect to the two in tubular version.

by Weenie

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by Seedster

I had both wheels. I sold my mavics and have not looked back. The campy hubs are much better and i find them more pleasing to the eye.

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