Canyon - direct for china?

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by pfnsht


I'm researching a new frame and fancy a Canyon to replace a PX RT80 that is too small, but the price they sell their frames at vs. their bikes makes them out of my reach. I was looking for a second hand Canyon frame but came across this direct from a wholesaler:

CF SLX - £550 including bars and shipping etc. ... 3020164015

I get I won't have a warranty but then I probably wouldn't get one if I bought second hand off ebay anyway. I'm also worried about buying a damaged repaired frame off ebay. This direct from china option seems to good to be true? I was only looking for a CF SL second hand too.

Or should I just give in and buy a Planet X RT-80 frame or Viner/RT-90. I know what I'm getting (fm066/sl) and can buy new with warranty for £400-500 (without bar, post etc tho) from a UK based supplier.


by Weenie

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by MayhemSWE

pfnsht wrote:;searl|3020164015

You do understand that what they're selling here didn't come from whichever factory makes Canyon's frames, right? It is definitely a counterfeit.

Funny that the most common clone a couple of years ago were Pinarellos. I guess the Italians started going after the counterfeiters and now they've moved on to Canyon!

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by pfnsht

ahh no I didn't realise. I'll stick with my Planet X approach then.

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by Renne

£550 is with shipping included but not customs so you are looking at a price higher than that. So if you can get the PX/Viner cheaper even without considering customs...proven performance, know reliability and if you are located in the UK you will also get much better service and guarantee for that cheaper price. You will have enough left over to buy a nice stem, bars, seatpost,...

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by SL1

Yep that's a counterfeit frame.

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by kidrob

Yeah, don't buy these. If you want a nice cheap frame either go the Ebay way, Planet X or some of the "self developed" China frames (fm066 etc) via some of the trusted sellers (HongFu, DongFu, Workswell...)

by Weenie

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by Boshk

I believe the only way to get a new Canyon bike/frame is direct from their factory in Germany, (unless of course, you are lucky and find someone who changed his/her mind after their bike arrived and is trying to sell it.)
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