Cracked Brand New Emonda :-(

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by Geordiepaul

You don't actually get the mast with the frameset. It's a separate purchase. I chose the buy the SLR version!

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by spdntrxi

I did it on my 2014 Madone6... I was not original owner of frame... so trek said pound sand :)... I carbon repaired it myself with multiple layers on the inside.

by Weenie

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by youngs_modulus

Calnago wrote:Yes, certainly.... I understand. The clamp itself is smooth. But when it's mounted on the double slotted seat mast, the barrels seem to wanted to push right down on the edges of the two slits, so it's actually the edges of the two slits that I believe creates a stress point on the mast itself. This one seems to have cracked in the same place as the other one, which appears to be right where one of the slits is.

Ok; thanks for explaining. Looking at the single-slot cap and the original clamp, the clamp lines up with the slot edges. This is what I suspect caused cracking in the original design.

If the two-barrel clamp lines up with the edges of the double-slot clamp, that may well have caused the same problem with the new design. The rounded portion of the two-barrel clamp would help spread clamping force over the a large-ish area on cap, but using that clamp with the two-slot cap may effectively cause exactly the same problem as using the conventional clamp with the one-slot clamp.

In other words, it may be that the one-slot cap works with the barrel clamp and not the conventional one, while the two-slot clamp works with the conventional clamp and not the barrel clamp.

At any rate, I'm eager to hear what Trek's warranty department has to say.

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by Geordiepaul

I've spoken to the shop who in turn spoke to Trek. The warranty is registered but not confirmed. Shop is pretty certain they will warranty it.

No explanation yet to the cause.

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by FIJIGabe

TobinHatesYou wrote:I did not get the weight weenie seatmast cap with my 2018 Project One Emonda SLR. I got the single-slot version.

I did. You didn't miss much (9g).
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