Bleed screws in Shimano hydraulic levers

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by Vtwindr

cheers. I think I'll stop messing with it until the replacements arrive
FWIW Shimanos response was take it to an official service centre which is all well and good if I had one within an hours drive

by Weenie

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by Vtwindr

still pondering this as caps not arrived yet. Just ordered one of these sets, figured might be better than the torx as they have a 2mm option. This is getting expensive

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by bedampft

Had this issue 3 weeks ago, my LBS was building my new Propel and one of the bleed screws was stuck so he could fill/bleed the system. He (and i) wouldn't suck it up and my LBS contacted Shimano. They acknowledged it as warranty case and 3 days later i've had a new R9170 shifter. Thanks for that.
This 2mm allen key just askes for overtightening.

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by Vtwindr

these seem absolutely jammed on from the Specialized factory build. No sign of budging before they rounded. Both levers. Not sure a warranty claim would be a goer as a non-mechanic (me) has messed with them. That said the number of places selling spares is quite telling

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by iamraymond

Just thought I’d share this in case someone else has the same experience as me. When I was bleeding my brakes a few weeks ago, I thought that I had stripped the head off the 2mm hex. It turns out that I had not fully inserted the hex wrench into the bleed screw and I was simply turning the top part of the screw body.

By pushing the hex wrench deeper into the bleed screw body, I was able to unthread the screw.

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by ParisCarbon

I had one screw where pushing the allen key in all the way loosened it.. the other side this made no difference.. the shop tried the torx key method but ending up hving to drill it out... I ordered 4 from SJS.. took about a month to get to Canada but I have spares... bad design... :/

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by Vtwindr

I am at my wits end with this. My hex extractors and spare caps arrived today. Not a hope. Just chewed it up even more. So I then hammered a torx T10 in , Good quality set, unused. Same result . These things have been put on so tight either at Shimano or Specialized that they will not move. Dunno where to go next with this.

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by jlok

Dang... I stripped the screw and will need to use the T10 trick....
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by Vtwindr

T10 didn't work for me. Just stuck some new thicker pads in whilst looking for someone to fix it

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by Squashednuts

I couldn’t get the torx to work

So cut a notch - across the head of the screw
And use use a wide flat screwdriver

Works far

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