EE Cycleworks eeNUT and eeTop

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by kode54

i see that EE Cycleworks has a new top cap and expander system.

anyone get this? i'm curious as the top cap has a very thin and clean edge. looks interesting.
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by madcow

I've been using a few of the prototypes for the last 6 months or so and have no issues at all with them.

by Weenie

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by spdntrxi

always drooling about that crank.... but its time to get a THM again, even though I've broken one before. (sorry I little OT, but that crank is on the webpage)

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by sugarkane

I've been on the expander for the last 6 months too it's pretty nice and the lightest on the market right now.. It holds very well and doesn't work loose. I've got a few coming into stock next week

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by wheelsONfire

A pity shipping outside US is so bloody expensive!

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by 1415chris

If you add to this Fedex's ransom you have to pay on top of your postage charge it puts you off.

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by baldy

Still not as light as an Extralite combo. 2.9g + 5.9g.

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by mythical

The EE eeNUT = 5.3 grams, so definitely lighter than Extralite's. If you want the lightest combo, just mix 'n match to save 0.6 grams. :wink:
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by FreaK

Looks very elegant. Interesting how concentrated the point of contact is. I guess if it doesn't put too much force into the steerer in absolute terms i guess the stress riser isn't too acute.
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by kramnnim

I plan to use an eeNut with an Enve 1.0 fork, the ID of the steerer appears to be just under 25mm. The 6 interlocking petals (don't know what else to call them), do they just flex out without breaking away from the center? There is so little material, I'm worried it will snap.

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by burglarboycie

It certainly is very nice looking, probably the nicest out there. I'll echo what's been said above in that it will be very expensive to get in the UK

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by corky

Ubyke sell embraces in the UK .....maybe they can supply?

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by fh8425

was told ubyk will be announcing the prices soon on the nut and expander .. this is what the sales manager told me ...

(Stock will be in about 3 week's time)

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by timjerome

I'll keep any eye out at ubyk. This combo looks great design-wise, I wouldn't expect anything less from EE

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by shoemakerpom2010

Could the EE system be used on a Cannondale all carbon fork instead of the Cannondale compression cap?

by Weenie

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