30mm Axle / BB Spacer with < 0.5mm height?

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by jbattermann

Good evening,

does anyone know where I might get BB spacers < 0.5mm or something like 1.25mm spacers for a 30mm axle? My BB & crank both came with 0.5mm spacers and putting in 3 is too much and 2 is not enough (as in.. the crank would still have a bit of play).. sooo I was looking for something around 0.25.. 0.3mm.. but not luck and same for something like 1.2.. 1.3mm.

Cheers and thanks,

by Weenie

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by dudemanppl

Ummmm wavy washer?

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by jbattermann

dudemanppl wrote:Ummmm wavy washer?

Yep that's already on the NDS.. and that's what I'm not happy about.. with 2 spacers it is just so-so compressed and therefore allows that little play .. with 3 it is fully compressed/entirely flat.. (at least it visually appears so) & I'm a bit worried about the bearings/the preload..

It is a bit odd that < 0.5mm would make a difference.. but that's what I wanted to try.. check how it looks/feels with just a bit more compression.

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by sp3000

Go with 3 and the wavy can "look" fully compressed. If you grab the ND chainstay and the crank arm together and squeeze, you will probably find the wavy still has a tiny bit of compression left. If there is even the tiny bit you can push it in then it's perfectly fine pre-load.

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by sungod

sram clear shims are quite thin, might be ok, the come with sram bearings, or as a separate kit...

http://www.jensonusa.com/SramTruvativ-B ... ave-Washer

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