Would I be mad to buy EPS instead of eTap?

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by wilwil

Sram eTap is far more straight forward and seems to be reliable. However, it has the aesthetics of a Reliant Robin and it would be going on a Colnago C60. Also, I already have have SR cranks and brake calipers.

by Weenie

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by XCProMD

Not at all. I have both and as much as I value eTap's smart package and easy installation, I still consider EPS a superior choice and the best electronic componentry.

Sure it's splitting hairs when trying to differentiate electronic shifting systems. The worst of them is actually very good, but still.

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by morrisond

What he said above.

EPS really comes into it's own (Just like all Campy groupsets) after a few thousand KM's - shifts like butter, set it and forget it.

EPS V3 really works well.

Personally I think if you have a frame with holes in it it looks weird to not have wires going into it.

I think eTap looks a lot better on frames specifically built for it (no holes).

My apologies to the females on this forum but as guys if we see a hole it's in our DNA to want to stick something in it......

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by ntb1001

yes.....EPS is amazing

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by moonoi

To be honest I had eTap on my C60 and thought it looked fine, I only switched to mechanical SR because of a warranty issue locally with my Quarq Red PM that took 6 months to resolve, so sold the eTap off to get the bike back on the road. Regret that now of course, but there you go.

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by benp

No, go with what ever you prefer. I have eTap on my C60, but would also be just as happy with EPS. I am sure the "purists" will chip in shortly saying you have to have EPS on a Colnago...

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by csteenbe

I am running the EPS for 2,5 years, first v2 and now the v3 version. Works flawless and looks great, eTap is also nice though, difficult.... however for a C60, Campagnolo !

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by kgt

+1 on EPS on a Colnago C60

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by RichTheRoadie

I currently have V3 Record EPS on long term review; and I previously had eTap for about 9 months. I really like EPS, but if I were buying a groupset now, it'd be eTap.

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by Digger90

RichTheRoadie wrote:I currently have V3 Record EPS on long term review; and I previously had eTap for about 9 months. I really like EPS, but if I were buying a groupset now, it'd be eTap.

Rich - can you elaborate on why specifically please?

I'm also considering whether to get EPS or eTap... I've been a very satisfied Campagnolo user for 8 years but am debating which gruppo to get for my new bike. I love the clutter-free/clean lines of wireless, but my previous SRAM Red (mechanical) experience in 2014-2015 was underwhelming.

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by RichTheRoadie

I struggle to pinpoint it exactly, to be honest.

I think ultimately I prefer the simplicity of the single button on eTap - I find it to be much nicer than the two buttons, app and customisation on EPS and Di2. Kind of "install and get on with it", rather than install, fiddle, ride, fiddle, change settings, etc.

Positionally I find the SRAM levers to be better for me too - I marginally prefer the shape of the Campag levers, but both those and Di2 feel slightly deeper and longer than SRAM when installed.

Finally, I have wire rattle issues with EPS - or, more specifically, wire connector rattle issues. I don't like having to wrap the connectors in padding to prevent that, but I think that's what I'm going to have to resort to doing (it wouldn't be necessary if the wires connected at the ends rather than the middle!).

Horses for courses, though, as many of my own reasons for preferring eTap will be exactly why others prefer EPS and/or Di2.

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by Seedster

I currently ride EPS and find it a pleasure to use. I also prefer it to DI2 because of the clear delineation between upshift and downshift levers.

While I understand the attractiveness of eTap, I would still prefer a cleanly wired EPS drivetrain. I know it's become cliché, but i also prefer italian bikes with an italian drivetrain. You wont be losing anything going with EPS. I prefer to have fewer batteries to worry about anyhow. Best of luck with your decision.

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by scb

Love my SR EPS v3 on my C60. I concur that it getting smoother over time.

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by 2old4this

I do not think there is a single answer for this one...

If you have multiple bikes, I would definitely recommend getting both eTap and EPS.
If you have one of those older non-electronic compatible bikes (like an old titanium), I would recommend eTap.
If you like customizability, I would go with 9070 (very reasonable prices now.)
If you have to have the latest, I would go with 9150.

As for EPS vs eTap, for me, it is eTap. It is not because of eTap's superior shifting capabilities. As a matter of fact, I think it is a tad slower than SR EPS v2. Still,
1- eTap has only two buttons to do the shifting on the hoods. Campy's thumb shifter, for me, just feels not as comfortable.
2- after so many years, EPS still doesn't have a way to shift if you are holding the bars. You have to move your hands from the bars to the hoods and back. (I live in a hilly area where I shift quite frequently...)
3- Campy's cost is simply too high. IMO, it does not offer enough to justify the cost difference...

P.S. No flames please...

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by shamrock134

I'm new to the EPS club and I do love the shifting over mechanical Campag but some things are concerning me slightly.

Firstly, the proprietary charging port with delicate/expensive connector. I've yet to try and plug it in yet, I'm scared of breaking the pins!

Secondly, what the hell does the magnet strap do? I put it around the seat tube where the battery is and nothing seems to happen. It still shifts and the junction box will still flash if I press the mode button.

Thirdly, I can't get the MyCampy app to pair so I can do a firmware upgrade. It initially saw the EPS and then crashed and has since never detected the groupset again.

by Weenie

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