Zipp rims. Good or Bad?

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Zipp Rims. Good or Bad?

Poll ended at Sat Jun 28, 2008 10:34 pm

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by Leloby

Thinking of trying their latest designs. Now, I've seen loads of cracked ones (and not just on here!) and I wonder - have they got their act together?
What do YOU think of Zipp rims in general?

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by CounTeR

Race wheels are for racing.

Stop using your $2000 USD super leet carbon fibre wheelsets for training and get some Open Pro/Group Hub hand builts under your rig for the dirty work. Then you won't have to worry about "impacts" because the warranty will have been voided by using the wheels in competition. =/

I used to have a pair of Spinergy Tilium Tubulars I used for racing, and nothing else. They lasted a lot longer than if I had spent five days a week rolling over chip and seal.
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by Leloby

Nice one. My thoughts almost entirely.

But the double vote was a bit naughty....
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by NS

I think the rims are great, its the hubs that let them down IMO.

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by rustychain

My 2006 303's (dimpled version) lasted around 3000 miles :roll:
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by Hyde

Zipps are great wheels if you have the MFG comping you new wheels every time something goes wrong with one :wink: I have no interest in buying another set. I voted "good", with noted exceptions.

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by Gold Knight

i vote bad as i had issues with all 3 of my wheels sets: Z3, 303, 303 dimpled all tubular)--lots of cracking going on with these rims. one hub they forgot a metal washer which the hub had play.

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by Leloby

Hmmm? Maybe I shouldn't have limited it to just 'rims' then. I see thats not the only potentially dodgy area. Its just that I have been offered a number of their rims recently under the assurance that they are 'the latest design'.
Incidentally, it appears you can order these rims in any drillings you require (so the rep said).
Mine will be 32holers I think if I do try them at all. On Dura-Ace or Record Hubs. Maybe even American Classic with ceramic bearings (got loads of them).

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by Juanmoretime

I have a set of the older non-dimple rims built into a wheelset by American Classic. The ystill work great after thousands of miles and almost three years. It doesn't hurt that they are 1004 grams for the pair and didn't cost much money.

It doesn't matter what material a rim is made of since any rim is only one pothole away from failure. The cost to replace it is another story.

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by Mr.Gib

Zipp is lightest and fastest. No way you can have strongest also. That said latest version are strong enough. I am 190 lb and use 404's every day. No problems other then a spoke unwinding - easy to fix.

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by stella-azzurra

So what, you only use the zipps in a race. The same can happen in a race. Actually there is a higher probability that the failure can happen in a race.
You are just deferring the failure from happening by only using them for race but the rate of failure is about the same based on time used mileage and how well you avoid obstacles in the road.

A "Roman thumbs up" for me. :twisted:

Before you think I am contradicting myself read it's true meaning here.

The judge usually based his decision on the desires expressed by the mobs in the stadium; whether they would cheer, applaud, and give the thumbs down if they liked the man, who was then carried away to be treated for his wounds.

If, on the other hand, they gave him the silent thumbs-up treatment, his opponent was given the signal to execute the mortal blow. The corpse was then dragged off like a dead animal. ... _unit/3735

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by tomertz

Rider weight plays big part in your decision. I’m 150 lbs and have no issues with them (I used 404 clincher for training and 434 tubular for racing) but a few heavier friends of mine had multiple failures/cracks. I would say, if you are over 175 lbs +/- look elsewhere.
Also, you need to decide what is more important to you - speed and weight or durability. If bombproof durability is more important than look elsewhere.

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by tofu

I have owned a couple zipp wheelsets and can't say I was overly impressed quality wise given the available alternatives and their customer service was a pain to deal with. While they don't get much love on this forum, I am a big fan of HED wheels. All their wheelsets are at lest as aero and generally slightly more so than the equivalent zipp wheelset (eg Jet/Stinger 60/90 vs 404/808), cost less ($1300-1500 vs $2100-2300 USD), are more durable and HED has a great crash replacement policy as well. The downside is that they weigh a bit more, but in my mind, the extra 100 or 200 grams (plus the significantly cheaper price and crash replacement policy) is totally worth the peace of mind and durability. So, I would ride zipps if they were provided by my team but when it is my money I ride HEDs.

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by Leloby

Yes, the 255, 285 and 360 are earmarked. I'm exactly 12st right now but don't have any requirement for very deep rims as I'm not TT'ing and it looks like the remaining years races are in hilly country settings.
I might build a few sets up in various guises for the club guys but for my own use I'll use Corima Winiums.

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by BillySpesh

I use my 303 clinchers for training/racing/sportives and have covered over 2000 miles on them in 3 months on all road surfaces and I have never had a problem. I am 65 kg and generally ride sportives in Scotland and the UK which are not renowned for having smooth roads throughout their routes. I am a Zipp fan now and will continue to buy them going forward.


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