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by Dagger9903

Looking for some advice on cycling glasses. I have Pivlocks right now, and they're ok, but have run into a few things that maybe another pair would improve on:

- When it's misty out (in the morning, the hill I climb into can get foggy), a definite layer of condensation can form on the lens, especially while climbing
- Summer riding tends to wreak a little havoc with my eyes post-ride. I think it's either the dry-wind or particles in the air that cause excess drying / irritation

Maybe these two things are contrary forces that can't both be solved for simultaneously (less / less airflow), but would love to hear others' experiences as they've moved either to or from Pivlocks.

Separately, anyone move from a rimless (on top) to rimmed design? I ride in a relatively aggressive position so think I prefer the rimless design where nothing blocks my field of view, but open to contrary views.


by Weenie

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by apricotwalnut

what about adidas zonyk aero pro.
it's half frame goggle and has sweat bar on top of frame
and it also has a vario lens. good for all day riding

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by nohands

have you looked at the oakley evzero range? similar to the pivlock but different fit.

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by wheelsONfire

Interesting to see what you find that beats Pivlock.
I really like my pairs.
Though i lust for the new Attack Max.
I also have a Casco SpeedAero helmet, which i used for road only. However, i feel i look kind of ridiculous wearing this.
It also suffers more from condensation, but more shielded and a large view.

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by danbjpa

Assos Zegho, Rudy project Hypermask.. they are 'frameless'

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by cdncyclist

I really like my Rapha ones...

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by oraclesin

"Rudy Tralyx"!!

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by kgt


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by TK421

Oakley Radar Lock Path. They come with a pair of lenses, mine has the clear lens and the polarised ones. Great pair of sunglasses! The lens have three small holes in the top side corner on each side that serve as vents thus preventing any build up of mist. Mist occasionally develops when you stop and look down in a cold day, but then disappears after a couple of pedal turns. Expensive up front but real good investment long term.

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by Hellgate

I've been riding Zoran this summer. These are simply the best I've ever worn. ... optics.php

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by p3dalfaster

[quote="Hellgate"]I've been riding Zoran this summer. These are simply the best I've ever worn.

Not keen on the angle of the leneses.

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by Dagger9903

Thanks everyone, really appreciate the input.

So far I think the EVZero's are the nicest. I went to my local Oakley store and prefer the Stride lens, but then it doesn't come in a photochromatic lens (of course...), and I do enough morning foggy / tree-lined rides to want more that 20% light transmission (prizm road lens). The lack of vents are a bit of a concern, but i haven't seen many complaints of fogging. Eye coverage seems good, and the Asian fit sat nice and high on my nose

Rudy Projects - don't like the upper bar that obstructs vision while riding low

Zoran - agreed, that lens angle is a bit much. Design on the Zegho are too much for me too - very fabulous though.

Rapha actually seemed interesting too, but no photochromatic and the design seems a little feminine

Adidas Zoynk has the frame across the top too

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by djel

I'm looking for a new pair too and I like the new Bollé Aeromax. I have a pair of Foakley atm and I like the large field of view and the interchangeable lenses.


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by danbjpa

Well remembered. Bollé '5th Element' model is another option... rimless, photochromatic, anti-fog, hydrophobic, adjustable nose and temples...

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by Weenie

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