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by spdntrxi

RIDE... same ones that Sagan wears.. I'm not crazy about the look, but they dont pool sweat like all my oakleys do

by Weenie

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by wheelbuilder

I love cycling specific glasses. Have Oakley....split jacket and racing jacket, about 50 pair of cheap, and some Spy glasses I got from work, don't know the model. Currently wearing Koo glasses by Kask. They were initially purchased because they mate perfectly with Kask Helmets which sometimes have clearance issues with sunglass arms. These are by far the best glasses I have ever used. Carl Zeiss lenses...(the camera lens guy), they pivot at the temple to three different angles and stay there. One piece lens. Three different nose pieces and the nose piece you choose still has two adjustment positions. 100% made in Italy, great style. The lens on these is the thing. I thought Oakley prizm lenses were good, and super optically correct. The Zeiss lenses make the Oakley lenses seem like gas station sunglasses. The clarity has to be seen to be believed. They are at the pricey end of the scale as far as glasses go, but don't think I could ever do better. Always looking though.

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by kgt

Assos use Zeiss optics too.

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by reknop

I have always been a fan of the Oakley M-Frame range but as of last year if switched to the Oakley Radar Path EV with Prizm Road lenses. Very pleased with these, that I got myself a second Radar Path EV.

Tip: No matter what Oakley you get on your bike, go for the Prizm lenses ... makes such a huge difference and good a a wide range of weather conditions. ... rizm-road/
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by kgt

My experience with Prizm lenses is very positive too.

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by wheelbuilder

kgt wrote:Assos use Zeiss optics too.

Nice. Did not know this. Partially explains the 500.00 price tag. No wonder LP rocked them.

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by Greatestalltime

Oakley is far superior in every way. Imo, but it's been a long time since I've used anything else. I'd recommend radar/radar lock or M-frames.

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by parleez1

What do you wear for sunglasses with readers. I need a 2.5 power reading lens in order to read my computer. I wear xxi sunglasses made by Rudy Project with 2.5 reader lens, Rudy Project also makes a couple pairs with readers, looking brand options with reader lens, are there any?


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by 3Pio

Im using Oakley Jawbreaker with Prizm lenses. Very pleased with them. I also appreciate that they work good with my Synthe helmet (when i wear then, and also when i put them on the helmet without wearing them).

The only negative thing with Prizm is when i ride in area with trees, and when there is bright sun spots, then shadow, sun, then shadow, in the moevmenet between sun part to shadow there is few ms (or second), where u dont see clear enough.. But i guess this is problem with all lenses...

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by Ltyarbro42

I have a set of 100%s. Best glasses I have ever had, hands down. Either lens size is designed to let air flow behind the lens and cool your face but not mess with your eyes.

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by motorapido

I use Adidas evil eye pro with Rx vision inserts,
One pair are full frame and one pair are half frames, the half frames are better with good vision and don't tend to steam up even on wet winter rides, I use them for road and mtb riding. The lenses can be angled relative to the arms and nose bridge height adjusted.

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by MikeD

I need reading glasses so I use glasses by Dual Eyewear.

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by BearCrawl

I just learned about/purchased the new Kask Koo Open glasses. After 5 rides they are fantastic. Bonus if you ride a Kask Helmet. They integrate nicely, although you can wear them with anything. Also use Zeis lenses. They have a full frame but it's slim.

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