Drilling my Carbon Handle Bars

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by DeeHubbs

So I have made up my mind I'm going to drill a hole in my Pro Vibe Carbon bars. I'm looking for advice on where to drill? What I'm not looking for is the "you're gonna die" comments.
I'm installing the new RS-910 A junction and need to get a wire to from inside the bar to outside the bar. My drilling locations options are:
A: 30 mm from the bar end, on the side of the bar
B: At the shifter mount where the carbon is reinforced, on the inside of the bar
C: Under the tops where there is a internal channel to run the brake cables.

I spend most of my time in on the hoods or tops, dont ride on the drops often, and never a deep grip near the bar ends.
I'm leaning to drilling near the bar ends. I will only be drilling one side of the bar if that matters.

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by saibot

I did option A just a month ago on my canyon integrated bars. Having the cable run on the outside down the drops actually gave me a much nicer grip, more oval feeling. Works prefect for my long fingers.
I used the "dummy" cable that come with the junction on the opposite side.

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by Weenie

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by joejack951

Easy: Bar end. It's the least stressed area of the handlebar.

Do you have appropriate drill bits for the job? A diamond coated bit would be ideal to avoid making a mess of the carbon.

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by kman

Bar ends for sure
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by NiFTY

Another for bar ends. I have small hands and rarely use them - i use the d4ops closer to the bend
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by Marin

Bar end.

I read that grinding with a dremel is better for carbon than drilling, makes sense to me.

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by kidrob

Get sure not to inhale any carbon dust, ideally use a mask and have your vacuum cleaner running next to you...

by Weenie

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by JayUK

Hi there,

Have you drilled your bars?


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