Internal cabling an FM-O66. Use liners??

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by Svetty

So the frame comes with the liners for passing the cables through. My intention was to remove the liners once the cables were installed but I'm now having second thoughts? The inner cables on this frame seem to emerge from the downtube and have a short external run via a removable plate - with grooves for the cables - before re-entering the frame and passing to the mechs. I am concerned that over time this is a source of friction and that the cables will saw into the plate.

What do most people do?

by Weenie

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by alcatraz

Your concern is warranted. That is exactly what happened to me.

The plate is just plastic so it won't take long until the wires start to saw themselves into it. The accumulating dirt acts like a grinding paste.

I solved it by just cutting two short pieces of lining and used them on the exposed area. The pressure the wires cause on the plate is enough to keep the liners from moving.

Half year and few thousand km later and shifting is still fine.


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by Marin

3 years without liners on mine.

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