The rarest Madone there ever was - 2006 Madone SSLx Boron OCLV

Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.
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by durianrider

I sold a lot of treks at the shop I worked at but never say one of these moby dicks even out on the road.

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by micky


by Weenie

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by Lelandjt

Okay, I'll bite: Never heard of it. What's going on with the material and layup that made it special? What were the frame and fork weights?

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by Marin

A true moby dick

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by hlvd

Durianrider the Vegan?

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by wheelbuilder

LOL. That guy is actually on this site? How embarrassing for Weight Weenies.

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by tarmackev

I loved the straight top tube Madone. An icon bike for sure. The handlebars don't look great on this one.
I had a 5.0, a 5.2 and 5.9 and I loved them all but none had the light, stiff feel of current carbon bikes.
I remember the first time I rode a carbon Madone, I was expecting it to feel like a rocket, it barely felt any different to my Lemond at the time.
I'm guess Lance was right, it's not about the bike, it's about busting your ass 8 hours a day.

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by kdawg

I always hated how the TT slopes down towards the head tube - just irks me. It would be much nicer if the tube slopes up and then the spacers beneath the stem could be removed too.

Those bars don't suit Shimano levers either...
I'm left handed, if that matters.

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by eric01

I think this is actually quite an interesting bike from a historical point of view. I remember reading about it -- wow, I guess more than 10 years ago.

By today's standards, not that impressive. But back in 2006 -- it was the height of "Lance-fever"... before his comeback, before the oprah interview... he was cycling's rock star and this was his bike.

It was special because of a few things: 1) the boron fibers (regardless of whether it's mechanically any better or not, Trek did a great job marketing it) 2) all of the metal bits were trimmed and drilled for weight savings. "Drillium" goes back to the 80's or earlier, but this was a factory job.

You might consider bike as the father of the modern day trend for big companies doing halo builds using weight weenie parts and special layups -- like the maclaren specializeds or the emonda using ee parts
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by Weenie

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by cyclenutnz

One of my friends had one. It broke. Then the distributor mucked him around for replacement.
So it doesn't reside in my memory as a particularly impressive bike, though it was certainly expensive at the time. - 3D Motion Capture and Frame Finder Software

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