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by MikeD

3Pio wrote:
MikeD wrote:In my opinion, grip angle and handlebar shape from the top of the bars to the levers has a huge effect on comfort. Experiment with the angle of the bars and levers. I had to go to a different bar because I found I like this bar section to be level with the ground. Also, your hands should rest behind that bump, not on it. Maybe the lever shape isn't good for your hands.

This is what im doing this days.. Riding a bike tapeless and trying to find perfect spot. And u say that hands should be rest "behind" that bump.. U mean in front of bump?

And can u please suggest me handlebar worh to test ?

I've tried some different bars, but prefer Easton EA 50s or 70s the best.

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by RyanH

With Pro Vibe bars, one side has a perfect transition while the other has a small bump. This highlights how your tape job can affect the bump:

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by 3Pio

Thank u guys.. I found my angle, and also have finally perfect flat transition without bump.

Found out that my grip angle was too high (thanks to Specialized Rettul help, they saw this thread and send me an email.. Very professional from them). And in that e-mail communication they help to determine the points for measuring. After i fount them, i start my experimenting there (very slightly difference). Also i put the levers a bit more wide then they were before.So all this help me a lot.

Also thanks for the advice about putting the tape. Installed small peace of tape on transition part and got perfect flat transition.Also helped a lot that i put lower the levers then it was before (and i put another 2mm spacer under the stem)


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