Cracked Fork or Paint Chip?

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by BlueberryCake

I was wiping down the bike after giving it a wash the other day when I noticed this on the fork and would like to seek your kind opinion on whether it is a crack or just a paint chip.

I've been riding it for almost a year and a half now with no crashes and it would be really disappointing if i had to retire it due to a crack. :cry:

Thanks in advance!
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by bikemaniack

Paint chip or scratch

by Weenie

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by beanbiken

bikemaniack wrote:Paint chip or scratch


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by MJB

From that photo I'd also say paint crack - nothing more than that.

Try the tap-tap test around the area of the crack to see if the sound changes resonance.

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by idphm46

Paint chip or scratch

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by stormur


in that matter in case of doubts, there's no doubts. Just for own safety reason. NDT is the only way to determine undoubtfully what is it. Till then... it's crack.
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by Jenmoss

Looking at photo it looks like a paint scratch. To be sure ,Just put your thumbs either side of the crack/ mark and press firmly. If the ends of the crack/mark move i.e. they press inwards separately then you have a crack . Simple .

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by fogman

Looks more like a paint scratch to me. Possibly from leaning against a stone wall or something? What is the small circular blemish on the right side of the pink line?

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by AJS914

You guys are responding to a thread from last summer that was bumped by idphm46 who only has 9 posts.

by Weenie

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