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by Calnago

That's a good question regarding the removal of Campy cups from the Threadfit cups. I have not had occasion to do that yet. But since you've used Loctite (609 Retaining compound or equivalent I presume?), if it was me I'd use the appropriate tool to try punching them out with the threadfit cups in place. It will likely take a good blow, but providing you have the right tool that butts up evenly against the inner edge of the cups, I think it should be fine. Unscrewing the threadfit cups with the Campy cups in place would likely not be possible with the tool since it is not deep enough I don't believe to go over the Campy cups and also get a good grip on the Threadfit cups at the same time. Plus, if you did get them out with the cups still intact, you'd still be faced with the same issue in getting them out, in having to hold the threadfit cups securely while you pound out the cups. I've never used heat to break the bond, as that would likely destroy the paint as well.

Regarding your second question as to using the Aquaproof Paste between the bearing cup and the outer surface of the bearing... NO, keep that away from the bearings themselves, it is not designed in any way to be a grease for bearings and you do not want it getting your bearings, so best to keep it clear of that area. Just use a good grease. I've used Phil Woods Waterproof Grease, not that thick but seems to work fine. And for my C60 I just used a marine grease called Corrosion Block by NLGI, picked it up at West Coast Marine. Or, just swish around the grease that campy puts in the new cups... there's probably enough there to spread it onto the inner surfaces quite nicely. There's not a big gap so it just needs a thin film.
Just use the Aquaproof Paste between the new cups outersurface and the inner surface of the Threadfit cups that they are being pressed into. Even thought Colnago recommends a dry fit, and I presume with new cups this may very well be just fine, I opted to go with a little Aquaproof Paste as well, and it's been good. But like I said in my original build thread, at the first sign of any creak or noise from there, I would be pulling it all apart and using Loctite Retaining Compound 609 with primer, but so far so good. Knock on wood.

After this thread I'm inclined to pull apart my C60 crank and BB just to see how things are doing down there, but I've not heard nary a peep since install last Fall, and it seems super solid.
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