Spied 2018 Cervelo s3

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by roadman

Is there another 2018 S3 colour?

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by AJS914

NiFTY wrote:If they are painting it another colour that is a different thing. But carbon is already black. And clearcoat alone is lighter than black paint + clearcoat. I don't think cervelo have released a single mass market carbon on view frame for years and years. To me this speaks of economics rather than the personal taste of cervelo designers.

You are probably right. It probably takes more work and $$$ to have a beautiful top layer of braided carbon. I have an old Time frame and the carbon finish work that shows through the clearcoat is simply gorgeous.

by Weenie

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by wheelie

Bump! Any info about weight with Ultegra 8000 and regular brakes? :) Tnx.

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by ddsg

wheelie wrote:Bump! Any info about weight with Ultegra 8000 and regular brakes? :) Tnx.

The frame hasn't changed from previous years so I'm guessing just the difference between old and new Ultegra?

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by rkan

Seems the frames are now shown on the Cervelo website. So you can get grey-fluoro or red-black frames.


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by Fluoro7

In my experience, pretty ugly.

NiFTY wrote:How ugly are their layups that they have to paint a carbon frame black? I agree the original 2007/8 paint schemes were perfection
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