eTap rear mech Issues??

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by Adamchinnyb


I've been having a few issues with my etap rear mech. First of all it's draining batteries overnight (not a battery issue, it happens with both). Secondly, I drove to a race on Sunday (with fully charged batteries) only to have the rear mech go completely mental. when pressing the shifters, the light was going green, so it was paired and recognising the signal. But it wouldn't shift! it would move slightly but then instantly move back. We tried everything swapped batteries round, turned off and on again, took batteries off put back on again, re-paired the whole system. Nothing worked. I've taken it to the bike shop but they had to wait for the mechanic who wasn't in till the next day. He came in and lo and behold the battery was dead!! He recharged it but its now working fine (apparently).

Has anyone had similar issues? Has anyone got any advice?? I can't afford to drive to another race and try do an Uran and fail.

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by Weenie

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by 53x12

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by sungod

if the people at the shop accept what you say, they should simply replace it, no brainer

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    if in eu
        enforce warranty

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