Tubeless tire questions

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by TobinHatesYou

25mm Pro Ones are 28.5-29mm on 19mm internal rims.
25mm Hutchinson Fusion Galactiks (haven't tried the Performance) are 26.5-27mm on the same rims.

Pro Ones seem to have basically no puncture protection, so they are lighter. Orange Seal definitely likes to soak into or adhere to the roughened interior. Fusions are so smooth inside, Dried Orange Seal doesn't adhere to the interior at all.

For glass smooth roads with no debris, it's tough to beat Pro Ones. I've been looking for alternatives because I tend to get sprayed in the butt with sealant every other week while riding Pro Ones. So far after 700mi, I have not had a single puncture with either front or rear Zipp Tangente Speed RT25. If I buy Pro Ones again, I will be buying the "23mm" labeled tires because I'm fairly sure they will measure almost 27mm on my wheels.

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by jlok

I agree. My luck with the Pro One has been used up (at least for the rear tire).

With your figures I'd like to bet on Galactiks 28mm (so I bet it would be 30 on my rim with 21mm int width). My Pro One 25 is 28.7 at 80psi.

Pro One does ride really well tho... I really like the feel.
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by Weenie

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by Scott2017

Just started running tubeless for the first time. Roval clx 50’s with factory rim tape, Schwalbe valves, Panaracer 25 evos with 30 ml of Stan’s sealant for each. Only been a day or two but I don’t hear any sealant sloshing around in the tires, is that normal? Also, how do you know when to top up aside from the time suggestions? Is it okay to mix different sealants?

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