Chain drop issue

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by PrimO

I had an issue with my chain dropping off the big ring when back pedalling and then the very odd time when changing from small to big ring. After a lot of head scratching and bringing it to 3 different LBS's it was discovered that the first LBS who had fitted a new chain had taken 2 links too many off the chain. It wasn't picked up by the second shop but was spotted by the 3rd shop who had to fit a new chain as it was an Ultegra chain and the links couldn't be re-used. Anyway it cured the problem immediately.

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by JBeauBikes2

I took it to a shop where I go to college that I trust, and they basically said that the ramps on the big ring aren't doing their job to get the chain up on the ring. He couldn't figure out why.

My chain was about 1 link too long so they took it out. He says the cable routing is fine, and no bent or damaged teeth or links. He's going to put into a call into Praxis sometime tomorrow, and hopefully they can figure something out if Praxis has dealt with this problem before.

by Weenie

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