Garmin releasing a new Edge computer soon?

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by TobinHatesYou

When I ride 115mi, that usually includes 11-12000ft of climbing and it might take me about 7.5 hours of moving time solo with a 1 hour break for lunch in between.

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by AJS914

so I'm undecided whether to get a refurb 520 for A$142 or lash out and finally ditch Garmin and go for the Bolt at A$399 (can't seem to get it any cheaper as O/S companies won't ship to Oz).

Personally I'd put a piece of blue painters tape on it to charge it. :-) You could also try a different cable to tweeking the cable a little with pliers so it fits tighter.

That said, my 510 got destroyed in a crash and Garmin replaced it with a refurb for a flat fee of $80 so I would check into their replacement policy for the 520.

by Weenie

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by MichaelB

Thanks for the feedback guys. Will look into different cables and try that, but think it's more of an issue of the USB to PCB interface that is the issue rather than the cable. A bit of something jammed in between the port & the case may help.
Either way, will need to make a decision soon !!

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