Suggestions for finishing bar tape ?

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by gtv18

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by kgt

Wraping bars from the top to the bottom does not look right IMHO.

by Weenie

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by bremerradkurier

color matching heat shrink tubing seems like it would be a good solution.

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by kode54

MikeD wrote:3M makes one of the better electrical tapes. Avoid cheap Chinese tape.


makes a big difference. the common ones found in hardware stores are junk and use terrible adhesives.
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by PrimO

Gorilla will never come off and there is no need to stretch it either, just a few wraps and cut it so that the end is on the underside...job done.

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by kdawg

Definitely decent tape - the cheap stuff doesn't stick. And 2 wraps max - it's just to stop the end unrolling so you don't need to use the whole roll of tape.

It just goes on the tape - not stuck to the bars as well.
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by wobbly

Thanks all !
3M it is :thumbup:

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by Nefarious86

Wrap and cut the bar tape to suit, unwrap a turn or 2, start the electrical tape on the bar and wrap the bar tape over the elec tape and then 2-3 wraps to finish. Clean edge and solid anchor for the tape. Dab of super glue on the end of the tape stops fidgeting fingers lifting the finished edge.
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