Assos Air Jacket 851 Replacement

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by joeyb1000

For you Assos users
I want to replace my aging 851 jacket. Which is closer: the Bonka6 or the Habu5?

by Weenie

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by c60rider

I own the Bonka6 and also the now unavailable fugu jacket. Underneath them I only ever wear a single long sleeve base layer which is a Helly Hansen Warm. The Bonka keeps me warm in temperatures down to about 4 degrees C but below that I need the Fugu. If I wear the Fugu at 6 degrees or higher I'm melting. The Habu5 is classed as an early winter jacket so not even as warm as the Bonka. So I would say with the same base layer it would be 8 degrees minimum temperature range for me.

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by RTW

The Habu jacket is the one which fits the temperature range of the 851.
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by Calnago

I have both the 851 and the Habu. The Bonka would be closest to the 851. The Habu is definitely lighter. I love the Habu... my favorite. It's probably the most versatile thing I own for cycling, but it's not for super cold weather. I suppose you'd want the Bonka plus whatever layers make it work for you. Getting the right cold weather gear is about as personal as finding the right saddle. We all heat and sweat differently, and so it's hard to really go on others opinions too much until you experiment for yourself.
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by gwilliams

If you are open to considering another brand, the Termica Jacket by Q36.5 is worth checking out.

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by maquisard

I have two 851 jackets, still going strong since 2006/2007. On the other hand I have a year old Castelli Gabba jacket falling to bits after a year...

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by kgt


by Weenie

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