Shimano FC-R9100 crankset with 9070 Di2 front derailleur

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Bigger Gear
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by Bigger Gear

Shimano of course does not list this a compatible option, but I'm just wondering if anyone has tried it with success? Difference is the front chainring is offset to the inside by 0.4 mm according the description at Excel Sports. I would think the low limit on the 9070 could easily handle this.

I have 9070 Di2 bike with 53/39 that I would like to change to 52/36 and but with the price of the rings being so high I can almost justify just buying a complete crankset.

by Weenie

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by wheelsONfire

Froome use 9070 FD because it works better with Osymetric chainrings. So i would guess you crank swap should work well.

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by RichTheRoadie

It'll be fine.

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by hannawald

I also consider new style shimano cranks with previous di2 generation front derailleur and what I have found as the most detailed answer on this is from a user rcb78 on another forum:

The only difference is that the crank has moved the small ring inboard by .4mm and kept the large ring in the original position. The front derailleur has been profiled to allow it to move closer to the seat tube before it contacts and stops moving. Most bikes will have no issue here, but a handful may find their older derailleur may not be capable of moving far enough inboard to stop chain rub in the climbing gears. Not may bikes will have this issue, but a few will.

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by ooo

You can try to compensate 0.4mm using di2 auto-trim feature

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by lobuxracer

I installed a 39/53 FC-R9100P crankset with my 9070 FD on my Cervelo TdF S5 and needed no adjustment at all, this after removing the Rotor 3D+ 36/50 and installing a Hambini BB with 24mm inserts. I am not kidding when I say zero adjustments - worked perfectly even with synchroshift enabled. I really expected to at least have to raise it, but no, everything worked as previously with the Rotor 3D+.
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