Astute Skylite opinions?

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by kgt

I used to ride an SLR carbonio for a few years without any issues. I now ride an SMP composit - which I found used for really cheap - and I also like it, even more than my SLR. A friend is selling his Astute skylite vt, which is like new, for 70 euros. It looks like this:


I would love to try it but I would also like to hear opinions before. Is it really as comfortable as advertised? Anyone that has ridden both the Astute and an SMP? How do they compare? Any experience? Thanks.

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by Apv

I'm using the skyline (wanted the skylite but CRC are bastards and sent me the wrong one, and turns out the skyline was out of stock the whole time).
It is pretty hard, but I really like the cut out in the middle as it does do the job at relieving pressure. I used to use a Prologo Nago Evo and that was a little harder, but the lack of cut out slayed me. Wouldn't say its a game changer in comfort as its still quite hard, but on 100 milers, I've found the saddle to be better than any other I've used in the past. I don't really notice it there, which I suppose is a good thing.

I have no regrets on the skyline so far, and it matches my bike colour perfectly (Merida Scultura 6000 2016).

by Weenie

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by micro553

I had both the wider (Piagua?) and the regular Skylite VT home for a test.

I run a 143 Romin Pro today and like it.

The Skylite was a bit more padding and a also liked the cutout.

In the end I kept my Romin Pro - it´s a better match for my bike.

But on a other bike I Think a Skylite is great and I would recommend it.

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