Which Model of Helmet Do You Wear and Why? How Frequently Do You Replace It?

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by Squashednuts

For the last 3 years I've been using a POC Trabec MIPS.
It's essentially a mountain bike helmet which I bought as POC emphasise safety.

I'm thinking of buying a POC Octal MIPS as they are lighter, slightly better looking (The Trebac makes me look a bit like a Lego/Playmobile person wearing a large mushroom on my head)

What sort of helmets do others wear and why?

Do bike helmets degrade over time?
Should they be replaced every few years as a matter of course?

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by MJB

Rudy Windmax in fluro yellow colour and Met Stradivarius in canary yellow colour.

I chose these colours for visibility, fluro for overcast conditions, solid canary yellow in broad sunlight. I don't give a toss if I look silly, I'd rather be laughed at than run down because no one could see me. (also wear yellow kits and shoes)

Both these helmets fit my head really nicely and I don't mean just comfort wise - they do not slide around onto my face or down the back of my head if pressure is exerted when the chin strap is fitted at a comfortable tension. I don't spend a nano second thinking about the comfort of the the pad patterns and strap systems and my sun glasses are not interfered with by the shapes of these two helmets, both are smooth and just go onto my head without a second thought.

Both weight nothing much and are very well ventilated.

Both come with pad replacement kits.

The Windmax comes with a removeablen insect proof mesh inner - I wish the Stradivarius did as well as I don't find the insect mesh blocks the ventilation at all.

Both of these helmets replace an old yellow Lazer helmet on which the outer hard plastic shell began to break down from UV exposure (used to hang it on the bars in the sun for hours - that was a wake up call to me that a) I should look after my helmets better and 2) I'd kept the Lazer for too long (7 years) I've seen children riding in worn out faded stackhats that are several years old with crumbling expanded poly foam inners - so yes, the shell materials can and will break down. I'd also guess that the strapping material will also ultimately weaken with the passing of time.

by Weenie

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by Juanmoretime

I've worn many different helmets over the years. I'm currently using a Smith Overtake that replaced a Giro Synthe. The Synthe was coming apart after a year. I really like the Smith and its pretty well ventilated. I replace my helmets normally every other year.

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by silvalis

AS/NZ std for safety helmets is replace after 3 years from date of issue :)

I work in an industry where we use safety helmets. When I started riding I told myself I'd follow that and replace my bike helmet every 3 years. Bit different, but I thought it was a good idea at the time, even though the helmet shouldn't degrade in this time barring accident/pad replacements. I didn't get around to replacing it after 3 years in any case.

I'd buy a poc or a kask protone. Because they fit my noggin. Buy one that fits your noggin.
Chasse patate

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by glam2deaf

I was pretty loyal to Giro for a while, Aeon, Air Attack, Synthe. Thanks to a team I switched to the POC Octal last year and loved the fit. Maybe it's just me, but I don't think it looks too bulbous on my head. Size medium, and fits fairly similar to the Giro's.

I think it's recommended to replace every 2 years? I don't think I've ever used a helmet for longer than a year though.

Edit - Every 3 years :oops: I should know better working in the industry.

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by DutchMountains

read this if you think you need to replace your expensive helmet after three years. A few months ago I replaced a 14 year old el-cheapo Giro with a POC Octal that was on sale. Mostly because of the looks and saving an odd 50 grams :-)

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by mlok

Squashednuts wrote:For the last 3 years I've been using a POC Trabec MIPS.
It's essentially a mountain bike helmet which I bought as POC emphasise safety.

I'm thinking of buying a POC Octal MIPS as they are lighter, slightly better looking (The Trebac makes me look a bit like a Lego/Playmobile person wearing a large mushroom on my head)

What sort of helmets do others wear and why?

Do bike helmets degrade over time?
Should they be replaced every few years as a matter of course?

I have had the Octal MIPS and Kask Protone (None MIPS) and Specialized Evade (None MIPS). Personally I find the Octal a tad heavier than Protone and Evade. When compare against the none MIPS the octal seems heavier. As I like to ride low on my aero bike having to stick my head up to look further over several hours of riding can be aching. Not sure if you are MTB or Road thats my view.

Whereas from comfort and fit wise the Octal score very well for sure. One of my favourite helmet so far but Protone overtook it slightly for weight reason.

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by Renne

This year I'm using a MET Manta. Loving it so far. It fits my head perfectly, it's very light (200gr) and aero. Despite being aero it actually ventilates rather well (more than enough for Flanders weather). Might look at getting my hands on a more ventilated MET for the really hot days (mostly when I'm training in Spain). But the Rivale and even the new Trenta are both heavier (respectively 220 and 215gr).
Before MET I rode Lazer (loved the Rollsys retention system) and before that my BMC helmet (back then it was Bell sponsoring, can't remember the model name but it was a brick compared to the Manta now.
Like others have said, get a helmet that fits you well (you will forget you are wearing it, making it seems lighter and a well fitted helmet is always safer).

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by Kayrehn

3 years is the recommended lifespan as the foam will supposedly degrade eventually with time. Climbing helmets have the same lifespan and they always have the manufacture date for you to track it.

My Spesh Evade still looks good but I find it sits pretty low, just above the brow, do test it with your sunglasses if you try. My Met Manta is really nice cos it's very light, don't even mind if its not as aero because it's so comfortable.

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by sungod

unless the manufacturer got something wrong, expanded polystyrene in a helmet liners will not degrade in 'normal' use (i.e. away from harmful chemicals, radiation etc.)

water, sweat, mould, bacteria etc. (barring something engineered to do it) won't touch it, it's also fairly resistant to uv (causes surface degradation), this is why the stuff is such an environmental problem - in the conditions prevailing across most of the surface of the planet it goes on forever, gradually getting ground into smaller and smaller bits

helmet shell material can vary, polycarbonate seems common, it's really tough, uv resistance can be improved with additives

nylon straps might be the weakest bit due to uv degradation, if they are looking nasty it's time to think about changing, but that'll probably take quite a while

mechanical wear and/or damage are the only reasons most of us will ever need to replace a helmet

i used to wear a giro ionos, replaced that after crash by another which i still use for commute, also had a giro aeon, replaced after crash by kask protone, i much prefer this to the aeon, especially on windy days

aside from damage or simple lust for new stuff, i foresee no reason to replace either

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by SuperflyRick

I love my Kask Protone, because of the fit. Switched last year from a Giro Aeon.

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by campagowlo

Limar ultralight - looks good, super light and comfy for my weird shaped head. Nuff said

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by kgt

After a Limar Ultralight and a Lazer O2 I now wear a LAS Galaxy.

The Limar was really ultralight but the fit was not that great IME. Lazer's Rollsys system worked really great but it was bigger and heavier.
The LAS has very good quality and weight, perfect fit (on my head) and a nice compact profile.

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by jimmerjohn123

Using the cheapest Bell helmet. Bought it after emptying my wallet on my bike and still using it. I'll replace when required but man, does it make my head sweaty. Basically no airflow lol

by Weenie

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by 964Cup

Giro Synthe, Giro Air Attack, JB Classic folder. The Synthe is light, has good ventilation and is supposed to be aero. The Air Attack is heavier, has little ventilation and is supposed to be aero. Not sure I can really discern the advantage. The JB squishes up to fit in a musette with all the other crap you have to take off your bike when you lock it up outside. It's heavy, sweaty and probably less safe than the other two, but they don't fold up.

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