Industry 9 Torch Hub

Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.
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by JBeauBikes2

I'm about to buy or build up a set of Enve 4.5s, I'm considering the I9 Torch road hub.

Anybody have experience with these on their road wheels? They seem popular for MTB, but I haven't seen any threads about their use for road wheels. I can build the 4.5s with these a lot cheaper on than I could buy from the LBS with DTSwiss 240. If I don't opt for these I'll probably get DTSwiss 240's.

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by Lelandjt

They're heavier than 240s. They have fewer points of engagement than the MTB version so they won't be as loud and draggy. They're quality, don't have durability problems, and will hold up better in rain than hubs with smaller bearings and less seals. Honestly all I look for in a road hub is weight vs price and durability record. I always end up on EdHubs cuz I don't ride in rain.

On my mountain bikes I always pay for 240s or Carbon-Ti.

by Weenie

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by wpccrunner

I have a set laced to HED Belgiums on my roadie. Sadly I never got weights for the set, as I was too anxious to ride.

The road hubs have 6 degrees of engagement, AFAIK that is the best in the industry for road hubs. Still make a nice loud buzz, more so than King R45 and DT Swiss.

I had an issue with the hub flange breaking on my "gen 1" hubs, but that was warrantied by i9 (free of charge) and the hub flanges have since been made thicker to prevent future issues.

Also, not a huge fan of the aluminum freehub. I still run 10 speed shimano cassettes that bite into the freehub. Haven't tried any other cassettes so I can't comment on whether those bite into the freehub or not.

Not sure of exact mileage but I'd say over 10k miles in just under 2 years. As a company Industry 9 has excellent customer service.

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by wheelsONfire

Isn't Project 321 (revised lately) and White Industries CLD in for comparison here?
They're all close in weight (not light weight).

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by wpccrunner

OP mentions I9 Torch ROAD hub not disc hubs, so neither the Project 321 or the WI CLD are the least bit relevant.

Also, see this thread. Not a lot of info but there is a bit.

by Weenie

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by Mr.Gib

I have a I9 wheelset on my winter bike. Mechanicals are the same. The hubs have been excellent and the customer service if you should ever need it is first rate.
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