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Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.
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by Rubik

I'd all but decided to go with another carbon frame (ltk 118) to build up for a 15ish lb ride, since I've never really had a light bike before, but I've recently crashed my Felt AR and the seatpost just cracked straight across and my handlebars took a big scuffing and it got me thinking of going all AL instead since I race primarily crits and will focus on those even more next year. Plus my aeronovas are really flexy for sprinting. So as an exercise in comparison, I've been checking out the aluminum market.

I've been looking through lots of posts and reviews...seems like there are three different (most popular?) frames that stand out above the rest for out and out racing:

Cannondale Caad 12
Specialized Allez Sprint
Trek Emonda ALR

I like the H2 geo of the ALR since it allows me to set my drops up appropriately without 15-25mm of spacers, but that's not a big deal. It seems all of these come in close to 1050-1100g (56cm?). The allez looks the coolest, in my opinion, but the caad has some good pedigree, too, and is used by quite a few fast guys. New Caad 12 is on ebay for 900, ALR comes up here and there, maybe a bit cheaper if used, but the Sprint seems the most unavailable and the most expensive (and many of the color schemes are downright garish).

What about handlebars/stems? I was looking at the Ritchey WCS but it seems to test pretty flexy. Deda Elementi Zero 100 is in the 240 range. I have an ARX II stem, which I like, but maybe a Kalloy Uno stem? Seatpost?

So what would you use for an aluminum build, ideally sub 16, even more ideally not crazy expensive?
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by Weenie

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by prebsy

I was watching some caad12 frames go for 500-750 new on ebay so that's a great option. The caad will build up the lightest for sure but you might have to spend some extra dough to get a light bb30a crankset ( the normal bb30 options won't work). You can add an uno7 stem and hylix seatpost which are both awesome performers and cheap. The bar is completely a personal choice but the ritchey neoclassic is one of the lighter alloy bars out there only about 20g more than the heavier carbon options and stiff enough. In summation if you are careful about the parts you pick sub 15 should be a cake walk w/ a caad12 frame.

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by bremerradkurier

Fuji Roubaix Elite is claiming a 1090 gram frame weight and has an MSRP at $650 new.

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by prebsy

that's a nice option especially with a pf30 bb but that fork is an absolute porker

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by HeluvaSkier

Consider adding the Giant TCR SL ALUXX (they make a version of this frame with a full carbon OD2 fork) and Kinesis RaceLight Aithien to your list.

My Giant TCR SL is 1120 / 388 for frame and fork and my black ano Aithien is 1035 / 330 for frame and fork. The Giant is stiffer with a bit better ride quality, but both are solid raceable frames that build up to under 6.8kg.

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